Country by Country Reports

25 August 2017

Like in Austria most countries which operate Country by Country Reports (CbCR) require a notification referencing the entity of the group that files the CbCR. This is also applicable for UK entities and the deadline ends on the later of 1 September 2017 and the end of the accounting period in question for the first UK notification of companies falling within CbCR. As these deadlines are fast approaching, affected group entities have to make sure that to meet their notification obligations.

CbCR applies to businesses with an annual global profit of at least € 750 m in the previous year and is typically the responsibility of the ultimate parent in the group. However, notification requirements apply to local entities (corporates, partnerships and permanent establishments) as well as the parent company and so entities that are comparatively small in the UK or in Austria could still need to notify for CbCR if they are part of a large enough group.

Please note that the deadline for filing these CbCR-related notifications in Austria is the last day of the respective financial year.