World Wide Tax News - Issue 49

21 November 2018

This newsletter summarises recent tax developments of international interest across the world. In this issue:

  • THE NETHERLANDS: 2019 Tax Budget
  • HONG KONG: Enhanced tax deduction for research & development expenditure
  • INDIA: Services for processing card payment transactions create a permanent establishment
  • SINGAPORE: Change to basis of assessment for service companies
  • GERMANY: Plans to extend taxation of non-resident capital gains resulting from the sale of shares in real estate-rich corporations / Developments in relation to tax compliance management systems
  • HUNGARY: Recent tax changes
  • NORWAY: National budget 2019
  • POLAND: Innovation box - 5% tax rate on intellectual property rights income and other preferences
  • UNITED KINGDOM: 2018 Budget
  • ARGENTINA: Budget Bill 2019 – Fiscal amendments
  • BRAZIL: Implementation of ownership disclosure requirements for Brazilian corporate taxpayers
  • CHILE: Automatic exchange of information for financial institutions in Chile - From FACTA to GATCA
  • PANAMA: BEPS-related changes to Panama’s special tax regimes
  • UNITED STATES: Proposed removal of Section 385 Documentation Regulations
  • MAURITIUS: Changes to global business regime
  • UGANDA: Limitation on interest deductions and other payments