BDO China Tax Newsletter - March 2020

26 März 2020

Our tax newsletter for this month covers: 

  1. Extending the Time for Declaring the Handling Fee for Authorized  Withholding, Collection and Levy of Taxes for 2019
  2. Funds for Constructing National Key Water Projects and Funds for Water Works to Be Collected by the Tax Authority
  3. Announcement of Shenzhen Tax Service, State Taxation Administration on Issues Concerning the Taxable Gross Profit Rate of Enterprise Income Tax on Real Estate Development and Operation Businesses
  4. List of "Non-Contact" Tax Matters Released by the Guangdong Provincial Tax Service
  5. Policies Released by Guangdong Province on Payment of Social Insurance Premiums and Claim of Social Insurance Benefits during the Period of Preventing and Control of the Novel Coronavirus-Infected Pneumonia (COVID-19) Outbreak
  6. Policies Released by Guangdong Province on Adjusting the Levels of Endowment Insurance Contribution for Urban and Rural Residents
  7. Further Clarification on Phased Reduction of Basic Medical Insurance Contributions for Employees in Guangdong Province

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