BDO China Tax Newsletter - Jänner 2021

01 Februar 2021

Reinhard Rindler, Partner, Leiter Tax |

Our tax newsletter for this month covers: 

  1. Revision to the Annual Enterprise Income Tax Return
  2. Interpretation of Individual Income Tax Policy on Restricted Depository Receipts of Innovative Enterprises
  3. Revised Draft for Comment of Administrative Measures on Invoices
  4. "Zero-Tariff" Policy for Transport Means and Yachts in Hainan Free Trade Port
  5. Import and Export Tariff Rules of the People´s Republic of China
  6. Stamp Duty Law of the People´s Republic of China (Draft)
  7. Law of the People´s Republic of China on Adminstrative Penalty
  8. Measures for the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoices
  9. Zero-Tariff Treatment for 97% of the Products in Taxable Items Imported from Solomon Islands
  10. List of Public Warfare Social Organizations Qualified for Pre-tax Deduction of Public Welfare Donations for 2020 - 2022
  11. Measures of Guangdong Province for the Classification and Grading Adminstration of Taxpayers´ Application for VAT invoices
  12. Announcement on Issuance of 2020 Stamp Duty Tickets


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