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First impressions count. The more clearly set out and the more informative your CV is, the greater the chance of being invited to a personal interview. We place stress on the motivation of every applicant. Only people who have given careful consideration to what they expect from their future employer will be able to judge whether those expectations were fulfilled after encountering new challenges.

It is precisely at an application interview that presence and authenticity are the determining factors. A solid professional education is a prerequisite for us. At BDO, however, we are looking for more than applicants with high marks, we are looking for personalities who want to be part of our success story.


Mag. Alexandra Fenz

Head of Human Resources

Telefon: +43 5 70 375 -1631

E-Mail: [email protected]

“I have been leading the HR Division of BDO for more than six years now and I am proud of our impressive development. We have grown steadily and rapidly but have nevertheless managed to preserve an amicable working environment and remain true to our values. As a strong HR team, we have managed with our generalist approach to support, encourage and challenge our employees. Organisational development, talent management and change management are my hobby horses.”


Michael Moschen, MA

Manager Human Resources

Telefon: +43 5 70 375 -1565

E-Mail: [email protected]

“In my job, I’m responsible for balancing the interests of employer and employee. My primary concern is with the question of how to attract the best talent to BDO and how they can best achieve their career goals through further personal development. What I like best at BDO is being able to work in a highly dynamic environment and facing new challenges every day.”



Lesley Liebhart, BA

Assistant Human Resources

Telefon: +43 5 70 375 - 1545

E-Mail: [email protected]

“After several years of experience in personnel development and recruiting, I wanted to get to know other aspects of HR. I got this chance six months ago when I began with BDO. In addition to an interesting and diverse area of ​​responsibility in a dynamic and amicable environment, I have the opportunity to contribute my ideas and handle projects independently. Among other things, my primary duties include the design, optimization and processing of the entire onboarding and offboarding procedure, the co-design and execution of management potential analysis, as well as HR reporting”.

Mag. Stefan Duder

Manager Human Resources

Telefon: +43 5 70 375 - 1932

E-Mail: [email protected]

„After 10 years of professional activity in consulting and internal HR Management, my occupational career has led me to successfully integrate from my previous employer to BDO. Therefore, I have known the industry and the associated challenges for some time. To exist in the market in the long term and to recruit and retain the best employees, it is inevitable to be an attractive employer. BDO is a dynamic company with the relevant framework conditions to meet these requirements. I personally see myself as a HR generalist, whereby I am passionate about everything regarding recruiting“.