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These values are the fundamental principles of BDO and accompany us in our daily work. Our fundamental principles describe what we think and what we do, how we value ourselves and how we wish to be valued by others. They are the basis for our respectful behaviour towards each other, on which our business culture is based.

Our overarching goal is to inspire our clients and our staff. We can do this by our commitment to personal relationships. We recognise needs, create clarity and keep our word.

Continuing profitable growth, positioning and focus are our strategic cornerstones. To achieve our goals, we need a uniform understanding of leadership. Our leadership team are credible role models. They create a frame of reference and transparency for our staff.

We know that exceptional performance requires the best possible work environment and opportunities for individual development. Equality of opportunity is our chief premise in this connection, which means that within BDO, men and women are given equal encouragement for their personal and professional development.

As women comprise 62% of our staff, reconciling work and family life is of special concern to us. Flexible working hours and the opportunity to organise work flexibly are best for working and private lives.

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