• Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits

Aug 21, 2018

Workplace and infrastructure

  • Work phone & laptop
    We offer our employees a company mobile phone and a laptop, according to their job title and company affiliation. Subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, these devices may also be used for private purposes.
  • Disabled access
    Our offices are fully accessible for disabled people.
  • Good connections
    BDO’s headquarters in the Quartier Belvedere Central 4 (QBC 4) building is directly next to Vienna Central Station (Hauptbahnhof Wien), from which various public transport services operate. The area is also one in which many shopping and restaurant facilities are located.
  • Modern office facilities
    From height-adjustable desks, bright small office spaces, extensive communication spaces and silent rooms to the cutting-edge facilities available in our meetings rooms, our headquarters in QBC 4 has everything you need for a stress-free and pleasant working environment. Our virtual tour helps to get a first impressions of the offices in Vienna and Graz.
  • Training and continuing professional education (CPE)
    Training courses, workshops, seminars, meetings and conferences, together with in-house courses in our own conference room with video translation facilities to other offices are all part of our training and CPE offering. For more information on our training and CPE programme, click here.



  • Study leave/ and part-time leave
    Are you thinking of a Master’s degree or a foreign exchange semester? Subject to the agreement of management, our employees may take a three to 12-month career break for the purposes of full or part-time study leave or adjust working hours to the new situation.
  • Company crèche
    The QBC 4 building contains a child-care centre or kindergarten, run by the Kinder in Wien (Children in Vienna) organisation. Two age-groups, for children between the ages of one and six, are catered for. All BDO children are guaranteed a fixed place.
  • Flexible working hours
    BDO offers its employees a flexitime model. This flexible working-hours model and optimal planning enable a great number of our employees to reconcile their studies with full or part-time employment. If the nature of their particular job allows, BDO makes a mobile workplace available to its employees so that they can work partly from home.
  • Laundry services
    We offer our employees a mobile laundry service. They can bring their washing to the office, have it washed and ironed at competitive prices and returned to them a few days later clean and crease-free.


Health and wellness

  • Health measures
    In addition to ergonomic workplace studies, we offer our employees eye tests and annual focuses on health issues (preventive examinations, eye tests etc).
  • Company doctor
    Comprehensive health screenings and vaccination programmes are available in-house. Our company doctor can also write prescriptions and is available for consultation on any health issue.
  • Massages
    Still suffering from neck tension despite height-adjustable desks and chairs? Problem solved – thanks to our in-house massage service, we can offer successful treatment. Our employees can arrange their massage appointments themselves with our professionals and relax at a fair price.


Benefits & allowances

  • Employee benefits
    Cooperation with various suppliers (car dealerships, fitness studios, caterers for employee restaurants, pharmacies etc) enables us to offer our employees services on favourable terms.
  • Employee bonuses
    According to the nature of their job, our employees have the opportunity to earn performance bonuses for meeting agreed targets. Above a certain level, our professional staff also qualify for BDO’s profit-sharing scheme.
  • Season tickets
    All employees working for a minimum 30 hours per week qualify for a Vienna transport season ticket (Jobticket) (an annual season ticket for the Vienna central zone).
  • Employee gifts
    We offer payments in the form of vouchers to mark weddings, births, birthdays and anniversaries and for successfully recommending new employees.



  • Dave B employee restaurant
    Our employee restaurant provides fresh lunch menus daily from five locations. Employees receive a meal allowance of EUR 4.40 per day towards a hot meal at lunchtime. BDO’s catering committee, comprising BDO employees, maintains a dialogue between the restaurant and its clientèle so that, by matching the restaurant’s menu as closely as possible to users’ requirements, maximum satisfaction can be guaranteed.
  • Refreshments
    Coffee, tea and mineral water are freely available to employees. A range of fruit juices is also available by appointment in our many meeting rooms.
  • Fruit
    Fresh fruit is delivered twice weekly to the kitchen areas on each floor.


Social Life

  • Mentoring
    From day one, new employees are allocated to an individual manager, who also takes on a mentoring role, which involves responsibility for training and support for targeted further professional education. In addition, we hold annual performance appraisals, at which development to date is evaluated and future targets set.
  • Events
    “Success must be celebrated!” That is why, once a year, we hold a summer fête for all employees and their families. A highlight of the year-end is the grand BDO Christmas Party gathering together all employees. Nor are sporting opportunities overlooked. Our annual beach volleyball tournament and tennis competition are a source of great fun for players and spectators alike. In order to encourage internal networking, we also organise quarterly gatherings for professional trainees and individual team event.
  • Sport
    Strength and team spirit are inextricably linked. In order to foster this team spirit, we provide a wide range of sporting activities. From fitness programmes and corporate participation in public running events to corporate football training for our ladies’ and men’s football teams and the annual BDO European football championship, there is something for everyone!