• Application Process

The BDO application process

How can I have simply more of a career with BDO?

Send us your application by one click HERE or per e-mail with the relevant application forms at  karriere(at)bdo.at

Here you will find all current vacancies. Why not also visit our Facebook page: BDO Austria.


  1. A full application file should contain:
    • A CV with a recent photograph
    • A covering letter
    • Full details concerning the position you are looking for (the date you wish to start, a description of the position, the service line you are interested in, and where applicable, duration of internships).
  2. How do I take the initiative?
    • Here too you can make use of our online applications or send your documents to karriere(at)bdo.at .In your application, let us know in which service line you would like to work and the number of hours you would like to work.
  3. What happens after I make my application?
    • As soon as we receive your application, we shall send you a confirmation e-mail. Our Careers Team will then begin the preliminary selection process straightaway, and let you know shortly thereafter what the next steps are.
  4. What are the steps I can expect in the applications process?
    • Preliminary selection of written applications
    • If your application fits the requirements profile for the position and satisfies the quality criteria for an application, you will be asked to attend an initial interview with BDO. This interview is usually carried out by a recruiter in our HR Department. In some cases, a senior professional may also be present.
    • If you impress us with your personal and professional skills, we shall ask you to attend a second interview with your potential line manager. You can then expect to be asked technical questions and, possibly, be asked to solve a simple case study.
    • If you also impress us at second interview, your way is clear to a successful start with BDO. We shall send you your employment contract for signature after careful perusal.