• Application Tips

Simply take a look and take away some career tips!

Application tips when in Home Office:

Stay casual and convince us with your personality!



Preparing properly is essential​!

In the following interviews our employees talk about job interviews at BDO and the ever so important job requirements.

Job Requirements

Our application tips:

  1. Take care to prepare a structured and comprehensive application.
  2. Your application is your business card and potentially your entry card for BDO. Take particular care to avoid errors in the address.
  3. Be yourself at the interview. Emphasise your strengths and areas of development and be prepared for questions on these.
  4. Be clear in advance what your motivation and expectations are for a position with BDO.
  5. Convince us with your argument that BDO cannot do without you and be clear what more you can offer us than your competitors.

Job Interview