• FAQs about Application

Answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Send us your complete application by e-mail to [email protected] or apply directly online on our online applications platform Online-Bewerberplattform.
We offer two different types of internship. One is the BDO Holiday Internship, which lasts between one and two months on average. If you are interested in an obligatory internship as part of a university degree course, we offer an internship of between three to six months.
Summer internships are available in marketing, human resources, finance and accounting, and occasionally in tax and advisory services. There are also opportunities to complete an internship in bookkeeping and payroll accounting.
The sooner the better! Holiday internships are generally awarded six months before the beginning of summer. Applications for an obligatory internship should be made at least six to nine months before they are due to begin.
A full application should contain a CV with a recent photograph, a covering letter and full details of the position you are looking for (the date you wish to start, a description of the position, the service line you are interested in, and where applicable, duration of internships).
Preliminary selection; first interview with a recruiter; feedback to the service line; second interview with a recruiter and a service-line professional; assessment of personal and technical skills; contract
BDO does not use standardised testing in its recruitment process. There is also no Assessment Centre. We grill our applicants with simple and verbal technical questions. Candidates may also be presented with a simple case study to solve.