Global Risk Landscape 2017 - Turning risks into opportunities

01 December 2017

What are the key highlights from this year’s research?

We are living in a fast-paced environment, where risks are evolving in new and unexpected ways. The BDO Global Risk Landscape Report reveals the current and emerging risk trends as identified by 500 c-suite global business leaders. Our video covers the key findings and Nigel Burbidge, our Risk and Advisory Services Global Chair, shares his thoughts on how businesses can mitigate these risks.

Want to hear more about turning risks into opportunities?

In this webinar, we discuss in detail the findings of the BDO Global Risk Landscape report 2017, looking at both the current and emerging risks faced by business leaders in a globalised and interconnected world. The key risk trends identified from this year's research include increasing regulation and disruptive technologies; we discuss how businesses can turn these into opportunities.