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08 July 2021

Phase 4 of Corona short-time work ended with June 2021. From July 1, 2021, the new and adapted short-time working model will apply. There are now two variants:

01 July 2021

The Pension Insurance Institution has redesigned the questionnaire to be completed by employers to determine periods of heavy work. We have summarized the most important changes for you:

24 June 2021

Last week, the National Council approved, among other things, a EUR 500 corona bonus for healthcare staff who have been particularly burdened by the corona pandemic, as well as the exemption from contributions for the extended job ticket. We have summarized the most important changes for you.

10 June 2021

How can tax arrears be reduced? In view of the payment deadline of 30.6.2021, the BMF will send an information letter in the next few days to all those taxpayers who have more than EUR 100 in tax arrears on their tax account.

27 May 2021

Corona-related contribution arrears at ÖGK can be gradually reduced within the framework of the so-called 2-phase model.

20 May 2021

What may and what must the employer do?

10 May 2021

Werfen wir einen Blick auf die Welt der M&As, die sich von den Covid-19-Auswirkungen erholt. 

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