We develop a thought-through strategy based on your requirements for the position in question. In this way, your path to a solution is transparent from the beginning - chronological (with interim reports), personal (via your relationship partner) and cost -competitive (with fixed costs, instead of obscure percentages of annual salary). At the end of the process, we present you not with the candidate who is the "best of a bad bunch" but with the "best of the best", because for you only the best is good enough.



  • New hires, particularly in leadership and expert roles, are - when you consider the "useful life" of this resource - a significant investment. The costs of personnel selection include not only direct recruitment costs but also initial on-the-job training, the cost of underperformance (until the new hire comes up to speed and is able to apply his or her full potential for the benefit of the business), the opportunity cost of lost performance time etc. Mistakenly hired managers can make strategically false decisions, or, even worse, no decisions at all, when decisions need to be made. They cause erratic underperformance in all parts of the organisation (departments, sectors, businesses), lead to irrecoverable market failures, image damage and much else besides. The quality of the selection process is consequently of great importance. Trying to save a little on recruitment costs by a "quick and dirty process" can backfire badly, costing much more than the hoped-for savings.
  • The search undertaken by your business demands the maximum possible security. The security that we guarantee you by our secure procedure. We split your search into small steps, each with its own deadlines, persons responsible and measurables. A security that we also provide by basing our fee on estimated actual costs, not on a percentage of annual salary. After all, what has a percentage of the newly hired leader’s annual salary to do with the service provided by your advisers? Actually, nothing. By contrast with other market players, our approach does not seek to find you the "most expensive" hire in the recruiting process in order to maximise our fee, but the best. After all, fairness and advice on a par with the skills required are significant markers of quality in recruiting leaders.
  • Our consistent project management ensures that each step in the process finishes on a positive note to the agreed extent, within the agreed deadline and by adherence to the highest quality. In contrast to the rest of the market, we are happy to let you watch us at work, because we have nothing to hide and only a consistent, honest and transparent level of service to show you.
  • Our sensitive approach and respectful manner ensure that no potential candidate is overlooked in the process. We believe that speaking directly in a sensitive and respectful manner to people who have not applied but should be engaged is one of the decisive factors distinguishing success from failure. That requires experience, maturity, patience and empathy. Sometimes, perhaps, also a little more time, to ensure that finally only the best people come to your notice. The result of the process thus rests on a seamless and thoughtful handling of a particular market segment.



  • An insight into the process
  • Transparent pricing
  • Punctuality
  • Market certainty
  • Selection certainty
  • Certainty of success