Our social engagement


BDO helps!

BDO’s social engagement has a long tradition. As a firm we have taken responsibility for supporting Menschen für Menschen (People for People), Make-A-Wish Austria, Médécins sans frontières and Licht ins Dunkel (Light into the Darkness).

We fund-raised for Flüchtlingshilfe (Aid for Refugees) and were able to donate a large sum of money. Now, we are taking a step further and help where people are in need (the Not am Menschen campaign). 

#HilfeBrauchtsDasGanzeJahr (Help is needed all year)


Under the motto Hilfe braucht’s das ganze Jahr (Help is needed all year) we have already made a start into the new year. In their spare time, BDO staff planned to provide warm meals for needy people, organised food supplies and cooked for around 200 people on site.


In order to build on our expertise in the CSR area, we joined the Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development (respACT) in April 2016. 

respACT ist the leading business platform in Austria for CSR and sustainable development and gives significant encouragement to leading businesses in this area. You can find more details under: respACT

We are also proud that we signed the Charter for Diversity on 24 November 2014, following the good example of around 130 Austrian companies operating within Austria and abroad.

The Charter for Diversity is an initiative for furthering respect for all members of society, regardless of their gender, age, origin, skin colour, sexual orientation, faith and world view, and of mental or physical disability. By signing the Charter for Diversity, we have officially recognised the great importance of an environment of acceptance and mutual respect. You can find more details under the following link: Charta der Vielfalt