Our Services

With our years of experience in setting up controlling processes, we support you in actively governing your company. In doing so, we help you with optimizing your planning and budgeting process, control mechanisms and reporting system. We take into account financial figures as well as non-financials so that the particularities of your company are also reflected in its governance. It is always our goal to sustainably relieve involved persons and to create an environment in which they can concentrate on corporate governance. This way, the controlling within your company can evolve from a data processor to a sparring partner for your management. Clear reporting (e.g. via dashboards) establishes your corporate governance as efficient and expandable so that even in the event of change you can be confident that the mechanisms developed meet the new requirements.

Our principles

  • Holistic and interconnected: We involve all parties concerned and thus ensure maximum acceptance in your company, both in the conception and in the implementation.
  • Field-tested and needs-oriented: Our years of experience of interdisciplinary operative and strategic controlling guarantees innovative solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Practical and user-friendly: Ease of use and maintenance of our solutions is paramount and ensures sustainable use


Evaluation and optimization of planning and budgeting processes

Development and implementation of goal-oriented governance concepts

Needs-based and recipient-friendly structure of your reporting systems

Simplification and automation of controlling processes