Global Climate Risks – One Tool

Global Climate Risks – One Tool

Climate change increases the risk of being affected by climate hazards more frequently and to a greater extent. An assessment of the possible effects will, therefore, soon be unavoidable.

The assessment of climate risks is crucial not only for the compliance with the EU Taxonomy Regulation but also for the implementation of CSRD requirements. Especially important is the analysis of physical climate risks. As a basis for the assessment, the highest-resolution climate projections corresponding to the state-of-the-art technology must be used. Depending on the results of the vulnerability assessment, suitable adaptation solutions must be planned and implemented within a specified period.

Assessment of Climate-Related Risks 

A large amount of scientific-based model data is considered in our automated assessment of physical climate risks. Climate tool developed by BDO Austria is based on a selection of IPCC-based models and presents natural hazards analytically with the help of indicators.
We accompany you throughout the entire process and help identify potential climate hazards. We also can support you in identifying suitable adaptation solutions and introducing in-house processes to optimize their climate risk management.

Our Services

We carry out the query of the climate indicators for you and provide the calculated indicators.

We carry out the query of climate indicators for you, identify potential negative impacts and assess appropriate adaptation measures.

Your added Value

  • Cross-industry Expertise: We are happy to support you with cross-industry expertise.
  • Ease of Use: Our climate tool is easy to use. All we need are the geographic coordinates of the location that should be assessed.
  • Flexibility: You benefit from flexible packages that cater to your needs and allow individual climate indicators to be queried.
  • Scientific Data: A large amount of scientific model data is available for the assessment of climate hazards within our climate tool.
  • High Resolution: Every evaluation is based on the highest-resolution models.
  • EU Taxonomy Fit: Requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation have already been considered in the development phase of the climate tool.

We would be happy to demonstrate the application of our climate tool.  Send us a brief inquiry, and we will get back to you