Workforce Strategy & Reward

Workforce Strategy & Reward


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Our Workforce Strategy & Reward team supports your company in translating strategic specifications into innovative and attractive systems for your whole organization. The starting point of many relevant questions is the organizational design. Here, for example, creating clarity, transparency in organizational structures as well as clarification about roles and job families is central. This forms the base of strategic personnel planning and enables proactive management along your strategy and market environment. 
In line with your individual organizational structures, we also support you in designing competitive renumeration solutions. Professional renumeration management is one of the hallmarks of successful organizations and encourages the commitment of your staff. In addition, our holistic approach to consulting is complemented by integrated performance management, whereby services and benefits are always collectivized and evaluated. Current staff and HR figures are always used as a factual basis. On the ground of these, we conceive and design optimal reporting and well-structured dashboards

Our principles

  • People as the key to success: We believe in the concentrated potential of professional expertise as well as social skills and use them profitably.
  • The way to a successful future: It is our job to translate your corporate strategy into an innovative and attractive renumeration system.
  • Reward solutions as part of your employer branding: We develop made-to-measure solutions that meet the needs and goals of your staff and that simultaneously strengthen their team spirit.


Streamlining your processes and structures with a focus on the essentials

Unleashing your organizations full potential

Reduced costs through strategic personnel planning

Improving productivity through increased employee motivation

Optimizing your renumeration and benefit systems




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