Code of Conduct

As one of the largest audit and consulting firms in Austria, it is essential to us that we live up to our social, ecological and ethical responsibilities. It means going beyond mere compliance with applicable laws, ordinances and internal rules and regulations, and requires an appropriate inner attitude with clear ethical, moral principles, to which we are committed. This is also reflected in our value system, which offers a short overview of our values and principles. Bringing this canon of values to life every day is an essential prerequisite for an attentive and respectful interaction with our colleagues and clients.

Every person working for BDO Austria is responsible for acting on the basis of this code of conduct and therefore contributing to a collegial cooperation and to our economic success.

At the same time the present code is also intended to provide our clients, regulatory authorities, collaboration partners, suppliers and the general public with an insight into our values and principles. We also publicly commit ourselves to this canon of values.

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