Private business


BDO can draw on a long tradition of advising private companies, both Austrian and foreign. In order to fulfil the requirements of an ever more dynamic market and all its associated diverse challenges, you are advised by your dedicated relationship partner, who is also responsible for the internal coordination of all your assignments. You benefit from tailor-made solutions, communicated to you in a clear and comprehensible manner.

BDO Testimonials

Become acquainted with our clients.


Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg, Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten GmbH

„In my opinion, I look for two things in a service provider:
technical expertise and reliable people, who can stay with me in difficult times. In the restructuring business, this degree of trust is particularly essential. However, mobility and accessibility are important factors too. If I cannot contact my relationship partner, I know I’m not a priority. With BDO, I know that I shall always get a reliable answer to a tough question.“

DI Iris Ortner, Ortner Ges.m.b.H

„We have been working successfully with BDO for many years. They have helped us on our way with approaches that are promptly provided yet well thought-through. We particularly appreciate the personal commitment of the partners, who take on every challenge and always come up with practical solutions."

Prim. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwaighofer, Diagnosehaus

„Humanity matters above all else. I believe that it is precisely this quality that is one of the most important reasons why I value BDO. You can imagine that we need to make significant investments in new equipment that constantly needs to be exchanged and replaced. This is where I require a partner who tells me when the right time is to do this – neither too late nor too early – because we want to be a healthy business. As a doctor, I find it essential to have a partner who can explain things to me in a way that a doctor can understand.“ Marietta Ulrich-Horn und Werner Horn, Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH

„BDO supported us during our start-up phase, with the initial set-up, which is not always easy, as we all know. This was the case with us, but with BDO, we always had a very reliable partner."

Mag. Thomas Schwabl, online reSEARCH GmbH

„What’s really nice in working with BDO is that they let me get on with things. I can place the utmost reliance on them to put things before me that only need my signature, without too much involvement on my part. For me, that makes for a happy life.“

Ulrike Wittmann und Dkfm. Heinz Hofer-Wittmann, Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten GmbH

„BDO have brought us a lot of synergies and it would be completely unbearable for mistakes to happen. And when we have questions or certain special issues, BDO work with precision and speed. So we can certainly say that BDO is a very, very good partner for us."

Peter Spak und KR Hans Peter Spak, HINK GmbH

„We already have a 20-year tradition of working with BDO, and it’s important for us, especially when working with BDO or a tax adviser, that we can do this in fair weather and foul. In my business activities, I have experienced even fewer good times, so it is important to have a good partner who stands by you, supports you and with whom you can together try to put things right again. This is what we managed to do, and that helped to strengthen the collaboration between us and BDO.“