Public interest


BDO has a clear focus on listed groups, private groups, banks and insurance companies, and public-sector enterprises. Public-interest entities are subject not only to continuously changing market demands but also to ongoing changes in the regulatory environment. Our team of national and international specialists takes care of these complex remits on your behalf, so that you can benefit from our skill in finding solutions and always have an overview.

BDO Testimonials

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DI Klaus Ortner und Ing. Karl-Heinz Strauss, PORR AG

„Since I joined Porr, I have had positive experiences with BDO. They have made a positive impression; they are always constructive; they never see problems but always look for solutions. Since we have had BDO as our only auditor but also as advisers, everything has been easier and more proficient, more clear-cut and efficient. My employees and my colleagues value our collaboration with BDO enormously.“


Mag.a Bettina Glatz-Kremsner, Casinos Austria AG
„BDO have been a partner from the outset. What our house and I really appreciate with BDO is their incredible reliability, incredible know-how and, above all else, their cooperative approach to the subject areas in which we are nvolved. Not only auditing in itself, but above all working together on solutions and working out proposals for improvement together. In BDO we have found an outstanding partner.“