Our services

General corporate tax law for banks and financial service providers

  • Tax representation before tax authorities
  • Ongoing tax advice (especially KÖSt, VAT, fees, stability levy)
  • Reviewing tax compliance and supporting the establishment of an adequate tax compliance system, taking into account process optimization and minimization of liability
  • Accompaniment and handling of external tax audits
  • Guidance through the tax and financial criminal law and accompaniment of self-reports
  • Tax monitoring of restructuring measures
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Payroll and Expatriate Services
  • Assistance in setting adequate transfer prices and preparing the transfer pricing documentation
  • Consolidation of international double taxation
  • Up-to-date information on bank-relevant innovations


Bank-specific tax services

  • Tax representation of investment funds
  • Internal control system in the area of ​​customer taxes esp. KESt
  • KESt-Quick-Check for the early detection of systemic billing risks
  • Ad hoc clarification of tax-related product-specific issues
  • Training Tax basics and innovations for account managers and back office
  • Tax advice on investment funds, private equity and venture capital funds as well as other investment vehicles
  • Support for the implementation of legal innovations
  • Tax optimization and tax planning when introducing new financial products
  • Classification of securities according to tax criteria
  • Tax optimization of customer investments, if desired participation in customer discussions
  • Reimbursement of foreign withholding taxes