Global Risk Landscape 2021

This 2021 Report and survey cover a range of issues and deliver a huge amount of useful data. We are offering you a variety of ways to get the useful insights and explore the data. Hopefully, there is something here for everyone. Download the complete Report hereBDO UK Website


Global Risk Podcasts

Findings of this year’s report – ‘The art of the unknown & risk around the globe’
Nigel Burbidge, Partner and Global Chair of Risk & Advisory Services joins ex BBC journalist Jonty Bloom to discuss this year’s report, including the three top lessons he has learnt from the past year and the future global outlook of risk.  




Emanuel Van Zandvoort from our Netherlands office joins us to discuss the view from Europe and how businesses have handled the last 12 months.



What next? Discussing the future of risk – ‘How will long-term risk management principles change after COVID-19’​



All Podcasts, the complete Report and Whitepapers you can find here. BDO UK Website 

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