Update: Special exemption for pregnant women

In view of the current omicron wave, the Social Affairs Committee of the National Council has decided on a further extension of the corona-related special exemption for pregnant women, which would expire at the end of March, for another three months. The specific legislation still has to be awaited.

Pregnant employees who have physical contact with other persons at work shall continue - until the end of June 2022 - to be granted special exemption from the beginning of the 14th week of pregnancy with continued payment of the previous remuneration until the beginning of a ban on employment pursuant to Section 3 MSchG (so-called "maternity protection"), provided that no alternative employment option (e.g. home office) exists (Section 3a MSchG). The entitlement to special exemption thus ends - as before - either at the start of the general employment ban (eight weeks before the expected date of birth) or with the start of an early employment ban (for medical reasons).

However, the exemption for pregnant women with full vaccination protection, which has been in place since July 2021, will no longer exist. Since the second vaccination can only ensure complete vaccination protection for four months and the third vaccination is only recommended for pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy, there are currently only a small number of pregnant women who have complete vaccination protection throughout the entire pregnancy. A separate exemption is therefore not considered to be of further use.

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