Value Added Tax & Excise Duties

Value Added Tax & Excise Duties

We are all confronted with value added tax (VAT) in our daily lives. Companies are specifically concerned with this complex topic and must consider many regulations and laws.

In order to enable you to focus on your strengths, we will navigate you and your company purposefully through the multitude of tax laws and its exemptions. Along the way, you will be accompanied by our national and international VAT experts. We will inform you of the current laws and case law in order to ensure the success of your business. In international matters, we work closely with our experts in the worldwide BDO network.

Your advantage

  • Competent and comprehensive advice from specialists
  • Optimized flow of goods and service while minimizing risks regarding VAT and excise duties
  • Legal certainty in VAT compliance

Our services

  • Fulfillment of VAT reporting obligations - nationally and abroad (registrations, preparation of declarations, recapitulative statements, intrastat reports, etc.)
  • VAT refund procedures in other EU member states and third countries
  • Individual analysis of special cases and targeted structuring of VAT-related service relationships (chain- and triangular transactions, VAT groups and holding companies, consignment stocks, etc.)
  • Identification of existing risks and process optimization in the company through VAT checks
  • Creation of checklists for purchasing, sales and accounting/tax departments
  • Incorporation of risk management in VAT (integration of an ERP system etc.)
  • Input VAT optimization and input VAT key calculation for mixed revenues (e.g. banks, insurance companies and hospitals)
  • Support during tax audits and VAT audits
  • Preparation and submission of excise duties declarations and other applications
  • Support for tariffing issues concerning import and export of goods which are subject to excise duties
  • In-house training on VAT and excise duties
  • Law enforcement in the field of indirect taxation