BDO China Tax Newsletter - Juni 2021

29 Juni 2021

Reinhard Rindler, Partner, Leiter Tax |

Our tax newsletter for this month covers: 

  1. Comparison of Difference Between the Stamp Duty Law and the Provisional Regulations on Stamp Duty
  2. Issues on Implementation Statements fo Several Policies on Enterprise Income
  3. Continous Implementation of Land Appreciation Tax Policies on Enterprise Restructuring and Reorganization
  4. Revision of the Measures for Hearing of Major Tax Cases
  5. Relevant Matters on Individuals Transferring Equity in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipality
  6. Four Types of Non-tax Revenues Including Transfer of Land Use Right transferred to Be Collected by Tax Authorities
  7. Relevant Matters on Pre-tax Deduction of Public Welfare Donations through Mass Organizations of Public Welfare
  8. Effectiveness and Implementation of the New Treaty Agreement and Protocal Between the People´s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Spain

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