The health sector is in transition like no other. Quality and performance expectations of patients, increasing economic pressure, medical and technological innovations, digitalization and the comprehensive requirements of society pose major challenges for hospital and insurance carriers, healthcare companies and policy-makers alike.

Maintaining security of supply and the competitiveness of the public health system requires foresighted policies, value-added governance and flexible, efficient organizational structures. The same is true for healthcare companies both privately and publicly.

The BDO Health Care Consultancy was born out of the integration of Ebner Hohenauer HC Consult and is considered to be one of the first and most innovative addresses for advice in the healthcare sector in Austria.

With evidence-driven analysis, innovative concepts and hands-on solutions we want to make a substantial contribution to value-based healthcare. High quality for patients and the economical use of resources are the goals we pursue together with our customers.

Despite well-established structures and complex relationships, positive changes can be achieved both at system level and in companies. These improvements concern the quality of processes and outcomes as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

Our services:

  •     Advice for health companies
  •     Consulting for the health system
  •     Planning services for investment projects
  •     Audit and TAX