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Health & social care

The health and social services sector is facing immense challenges almost unequalled in any other sector. Constant change in healthcare and social services and the constantly growing drive for economic efficiency make change an increasing challenge for hospital providers and insurers. Maintaining and increasing competitiveness require new ideas and concepts, forward-looking operations, flexible organisation and leadership structures, and streamlined value creation.
Linked to all this is a growing demand for meaningful reporting.

Our many years of experience as auditors and advisers to leading institutions in the health and social care sector (university hospitals, religious-charity hospitals and public-sector healthcare institutions) make us ideally placed to work with you on sector-specific issues such as:

  • The transition from governmental accounting to double-entry bookkeeping and the preparation of opening balance-sheets
  • Advice on outsourcing
  • Commercial advice (cost accounting, accounting for investment, introduction of performance-indicator systems) and tailor-made tax advice (VAT questions, grants under the Austrian Health and Social Sector Support Act (GSBG))
  • Advice on collaboration, particularly in connection with university hospitals
  • Financing agreements
  • Performing internal audit and advice on restructuring
  • Asset-management audits
  • Development of future-proof business and operating concepts, and optimisation of group and holding-company structures for healthcare and social insurance institutions
  • Auditing sustainability reports
  • Auditing grant application statements