Healthcare Companies

Healthcare Companies

Our consulting services are precisely tailored to the needs of healthcare companies. We have extensive know-how and consulting experience in almost all segments of the sector. Our consulting offer includes:

Business Organization

  •     Performance and Capacity Planning
  •     Organizational Structure
  •     Workflow Management/Process Planning
  •     HR Planning/Workforce Management
  •     Business Plans/Calculating Costs
  •     Controlling - Indicator Systems/benchmarking
  •     Quality Management

Optimizations (structures, processes, personnel deployment, costs)

  •     Surgergy Management
  •     Central Emergency Care
  •     Outpatient Clinics (scheduled, anesthetic)
  •     Ward Management/Occupancy Management
  •     Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

Strategy Development

  •     Market Positioning, Innovation Consulting, Service Development, Cooperations
  •     Restructuring, Structure and Process Development
  •     Development of future-proof corporate and operational concepts
  •     Advice on outsourcing, financing agreements, the preparation of opening balance sheets
  •     Digital Health Care

Business Advice

  •     Accounting
  •     Capital Budgeting
  •     Employee Productivity
  •     Revenue Optimization
  •     Cost Reduction