Planning Services For Investment Projects

Planning Services For Investment Projects

The Planning for Investment Projects include:

Feasability Studies

  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Development/Tuning of the Performance Profile (qualitative; quantitative)
  • Drafting a Business Model
  • Rough Function Planning/Zoning Plans
  • Investment Cost Estimate

Master Planning of Investment Projects

  • Determination/Coordination of Planning Premises
  • Performance and Capacity Planning
  • Development of value concepts and mission statements
  • Development of rough organizational structures (functional diagrams/path concept)
  • Room and Functionality
  • Estimation of Human Resources
  • Preparation of Business Plans and Follow-up Costs
  • Architectural Competitions

Business Organization Support for Planning Projects

  • Workflow Management/Process Design
  • Organizational Structure (clinical centres, support centres,...)
  • Planning Simulations
  • Functional Specifications
  • Requirements for IT, MT, etc.

Assistance with Construction Projects

  • Drafting/Internal Cooperation Agreements
  • Commissioning (piloting, quality assurance, simulations, training)
  • Organizational Development and Change Support