• Arbitration & litigation services

Arbitration & litigation services


Disputes and differences of opinion over contracts and transactions very often require the engagement of an external expert. Our experts support businesses and their lawyers by analysing facts, preparing expert opinions and providing advice in the course of litigation and disputes. Experience and a practice-oriented approach are our trump cards, as opportunities and risks can often be assessed in advance, thereby saving money and time as well as sparing nerves. The parties to a dispute often also ask us to act as arbitrators. Thanks to our infrastructure and human resources we can provide efficient support through all the stages of large-scale litigation.

  • Services of professional experts 
  • Analysis of the parties' positions on commercial, accounting and tax issues 
  • Preparation of grounds for claims in law and fact-finding investigations
  • Advice during legal proceedings
  • Expertise
  • Expert opinions for parties
  • Arbitrators' opinions