Our Services

Our experts will help you to either analyze individual segments or the entirety of your target market. This way, you will be able to quantify untapped potentials and understand needs and dynamics. The result provides a data-based basis for decision-making which enables you to take strategic steps in regards to product development, your positioning as well as your market management. To ensure a strategic fit at the level of the business unit and company as a whole, great emphasis is placed in the formulation of the strategy on continuous testing with overarching strategic objectives. In this way, we support you in the development of an actionable go-to-market strategy that supports your corporate and departmental goals, leverages cross-divisional synergies and ensures the efficient achievement of sales and growth targets./p>

Our principles

  • Pragmatic and on eye-level: We work with you in a solution-oriented and cooperative manner along the optimal methodology for you.
  • Target group oriented and technology driven: We think client-oriented and combine technological methods with the needs of the market.
  • Personal and digital: Whether we recommend “digital” or “personal” depends on the objective, both in the joint project work and in the joint strategy development.


Market analysis, segmentation and targeting 

Methodical support of product developments and design processes

Development of marketing strategies along with positioning and pricing concepts

Design of customer journeys and sales processes as well as a selection of CRM-systems