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Downsizing is one of the most difficult processes within a company. If successful employer branding and a functioning talent supply chain is the goal, dealing with new, existing and departing employees becomes fundamental to the success of any company and thus a driver of your corporate culture. The way in which separations are constructed and supported in a human way is pioneering.
A conscientious and responsible separation management allows your managers and HR employees to be secure and confident through defined and trained processes. In addition, the trust of the remaining staff is strengthened through target-oriented dialog management as well as the concerned parties respectfully being discharged through professional new placement.
Take targeted measures to convey internally as well as externally that your process of separation is fair and carefully thought out.

Our principles

  • Structured and professional: We take you through the separation process step by step and develop individual goals and suitable strategies with you.
  • Consulting of the highest quality: With their many years of separation management and new placement expertise, your personal consultant supports you with a person-centered and resource-oriented consulting approach using a tried and tested modular program.
  • Targeted networking: We work with people affected by terminations on the open and hidden job market.


Respectful, conflict-free separations and thus a positive impact on your image as an employer

Increasing employee retention

Ensuring efficiency and productivity as well as transferring your knowledge and know-how

Structured support for those affected in their professional reorientation

Cost savings by avoiding time-consuming terminations and labor court proceedings




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